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By Eragorn Francis, Independant Distributor
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Previous Fire DamageIf the rafters are any other color than natural wood, that could be a sign that the home was on fire. If the wood is black, scorched and sooty, that's almost a sure sign it had been burned in the past. However, if the wood is painted white, that could indicate that the smoke and burned damage was covered up because painting wood helps to eliminate the smell.
By Eragorn Francis, Independant Distributor
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 Although inspecting attics is rarely foremost on a buyer's mind, there are a lot of good reasons why buyers need to get into an attic or send their home inspector into the attic before completing a home inspection.  Attics should not be overlooked. An attic reflects the history of a home. It can provide clues to serious problems that might not be disclosed or even known by the current occupant of the home. Supporting Truss or Rafter Damage Roof inspections won't necessarily turn up defects in the structural members inside the attic. While the roof might look sound and secure, inside the attic you could find broken trusses or rafters. An inspection would disclose stress cracks that could lead to a loss of integrity and would also give buyers peace of mind that the size of the lumber was...

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