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By David Snell 704.905.9152, Certified mold inspector and mold removal services
(Executive Restoration LLC)
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Did you know that cleaning up pet waste, pet droppings is not only good for your health but good for our environment? Did you know that in Mecklenburg County that we have over a quarter of a million dogs and these dogs are producing in excess of more than 72,000 pounds of droppings each day? Did you know that if you do not take care of animal waste in your yard that it gets transported to strom drains which then goes to your local water ways without being treated? Did you know that there is bacteria, viruses, parasites that are in pet waste which can also be harmful to human health? You never want to walk without shoes in your back yard if you have an animal.  Why, you mind end up with some thing like hook worm or some other kind of worms in your body.  Kinda gross huh? When you take yo...

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