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Let's just get one thing out of the way first- we know people were getting excited when it was leaked that there would be massive tax cuts for most people. But let's be realistic. We weren't surprised that they were tiny- we can't afford bigger ones.  The tax savings to be gained by increasing the bracket amounts are paltry - a hundred bucks or so at best for most people. However, we thought there was enough for first time home buyers to like about this budget. First timers will be able to withdraw up to $25,000 from their RRSPs to go towards a home purchase, up $5,000. For a young couple, that extra $10,000 is a huge deal- it means having a bigger down payment, saving them thousands in mortgage interest payments, or it can go towards furnishing their new home and paying for it this yea...
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Any fluctuation in the real estate market is generally believed to follow the fluctuation of job creation and security. As Michel Beauséjour, CEO of the Greater Montreal Real Estate board has put it: “Obviously Montreal is not immune from the economic uncertainties facing consumers today. There are three variables that affect the real estate market – interest rates, job creation and consumer confidence. Consumer confidence has dropped for the last two months and employment in Montréal is on the decline as well.” So it only follows that it would seem that buying real estate would be the last thing on people’s minds right now, as people begin to hear news about job losses. If this is something on your mind, we would encourage you to take a look at how many jobs are on Monster, Workopolis,...
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We recently updated our website,, to include feedback, which you can access by clicking on Témoignages, on the lower left-hand side. Here’s one testimonial we received recently on our services: ”Ces quelques lignes pour vous faire part de notre satisfaction des services de Catherine Vourakis qui a vendu notre maison. Elle travaille avec dynamisme et détermination.  Elle nous a donné un service de qualité et de précieux conseils.  De plus, elle possède une très bonne connaissance du marché de l’immobilier, ce qui en fait une professionnelle hors de tout doute ! Si vous désirez vendre votre maison, nous vous conseillons les services de Catherine Vourakis, professionnelle en immobilier.” - Suzanne et Benoit, St-François, Laval
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