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By Robert Butler, Montreal Home Inspector | Aspect Inspection
(Aspect Inspection)
"That's The Way We Always Do It." = Building Damage = Hidden Defect The following is excerpts from a letter written for my client as court evidence because the decking contractor damaged the building structure by cutting (off) 6 posts that he was warned not to cut as they were structural. As a result he's created building fault condition that unless declared by future vendors, will create a 'hidden defect'. The cut line is hidden by the decking.   June 22,2011 To whom it may concern;  On April 22nd, 2009 I was engaged to consult on the condition of the structure of the garage wall and balcony of the residence at  "1212 some street, town nearby".  This was to inspect the condition of the wall beam and balcony supports prior to corrective renovations.  The lower wall beam had been displac...
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