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By Keith Landis, Pennsylvania - "Your Pennsylvania Mortgage Source"
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Looking to buy a home in Clarion County, Pennsylvania? You might want to make a quick check to see if you and the property are eligible for a Pennsylvania USDA Mortgage, also known as a Pennsylvania USDA Rural Development Loan. Here's Why...  USDA home loans offer a few benefits that other mortgage programs cannot match, including no down payment and financed closing cost. If the home appraisal allows, the closing costs can also be wrapped into the mortgage resulting in no money needed at the closing table. USDA is the only mortgage program that allows for all closing costs to be financed into the loan amount on a home purchase.  Interest rates for USDA mortgages are comparable and often lower than the low fixed rates of Conventional, FHA and VA financing. The USDA Mortgage program does...
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By Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life
(Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina)
So I've got this Uncle and for years he worked at our local college in Clarion.  I suppose if you were to chalk up hard work over ones lifetime, he'd be cemented in the annals as one those guys.  I always knew he was one of those guys, yet he was and is a bit more special to me than work ethic alone. When I approached the often times trying years of teenage zits and pubic hair unaccompanied by the wisdom that should grow with it, I felt awkward and often times alone.  While fine with the latter, every family get together made me smile because I got to look into my Uncle Ed's eyes. In those eyes, I saw a man, an imperfect one, like myself, who probably used too many commas in his sentences as well.  And in those eyes, I took comfort.  His sense of humor was one of the few that actually m...
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By Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life
(Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina)
In case you don't recognize the relatively blooming bald (yet still somewhat subtle) patch on that young gent standing in front of the sign, it's me.  The place where I spent twenty-two years of my existence here on Planet Earth is a place called Clarion, Pennsylvania.  One of my best memories is that of a business that is still thriving and somewhat of a legend in many circles.  "Eddie's Dogs" is what we call it.  Bar-none, the best hot-dogs on earth, and I've attended a Harlem Globetrotter game in my life. Eddie is the owner and should be proud.  In college, we probably gave him more crap than your local plumber can handle.  But damn if he doesn't make the most fantastic hot-dogs around.  And he has a pretty good sense of humor for a guy who looks like the Crypt Keeper never heard of...
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