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By Keith Pentz, Keith Pentz
OIP in Mucy PA- DAMN is that good Pizza! I love being home in PA for Christmas and one of our family rituals is to go to Original Italian Pizza at 3 South Washington St, Muncy, PA. If you have never had Brooklyn/PA (there is a fight brewing right there, but let's say us versus the world Brooklyn) style Pizza then you are missing out...lots of cheese, thin thin crust, tons of toppings....fold it in half because you HAVE to not just for show! It is pure heaven and we have been going to OIP in Muncy for the past 20 years.  Amazing that I was a Senior in High School when they opened up...the food is DAMN! and the owners are fantastic..quick service, food served piping hot and great atmosphere...nothing more you could want! If you are EVER in the area stop by and visit and tell them Keith in...
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