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By David Brandschain
(Long & Foster)
Home Prices in Lower Merion PA for February 2013Real estate market data for Lower Merion, PA is provided by David Brandschain of Keller Williams Main Line RealtyLower Merion Home PricesThe average price of settled homes in Lower Merion are increasing at a significant rate.  At the same time we have seen listing prices fluctuate significantly, we examine home prices in Lower Merion PA.  In some months, beginning in July, the average price of sold homes has exceeded the average listing price of homes.   We expect prices to continue to increase substantially in 2013, as, the overall economy continues to improve.  If you are considering buying a home, now would be a good time, as the number of available homes is beginning to shrink.  The decline in supply will place additional upward pressu...
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In the Lower Merion School District, the housing market data from July 2007 to (end of) September 2007 showed some surprising results, as compared to the negative data we have been bombarded with from the main stream media. Then again, nothing sells like bad news, except worse news. The lowest sales price for a home in Lower Merion township was $90,000 (I can only imagine the shoebox that home must be!), with the highest selling home (or should I say Main Line Mansion) sold at a mere $4,495,000. The home was originally listed at $3,999,000.If you are thinking of buying a home on the Main Line, better get out your checkbook and get ready to pay. The average (yes, AVERAGE!) listed price for homes on the market was $733,256. That means half of the homes on the market for sale were for high...
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