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By Chris Catanese
(Ultimate First Time Buying Guides/Keller Williams Real Estat)
As the end of February nears, interest rates are at their highest levels since the end of last year.      Many things have weighed on the market to move interest rates higher.     This morning's Real Estate numbers were slightly negative, but because they were being predicted to be a lot worse interest rates continued to move up.New home prices were down 4.6% for January and the new median house is worth $201,000Existing home sales were down 0.4 percent for the month of January.Inventories roses more than 5% and were up more than 18% as compared to a year ago.    This means that it will take even longer to sell your average listing.      Interest rates are now approaching the 6.25% mark on 30 year fixed rate conventional money.I am still able to do my famous....  "No Fee Refi" deal for ...
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