Historic Gettysburg Homes (Gettysburg, PA)
About Historic Gettysburg Homes (Gettysburg, PA)
Gettysburg Pa is home to the most famous battelfield on U.S. soil, but what is just as interesting are the many historic that make up the town. Homes in Gettysburg Pa date back to pioneer days, through to the famous Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. Enjoy also the many famous histoirc Churchs of Gettysburg, many served as hospitals during and after the famous battle.
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If walls could talk - A Civil War home for sale. The Civil War is a point in American history like no other. This five bedroom home in Gettysburg can be your base of operations and your own piece of the history of the United States.Entering the 2700 square feet of living space from the grand porch, the main foyer opens to a parlor, dining room, and central staircase. The parlor fireplace is surrounded by an antique mantle and the room has beautiful hardwood floors and tall windows. Currently decorated with Civil War artifacts and memorabilia, this is the gathering space for reading, reflecting and reveling in the history that is Gettysburg.The kitchen has been modernized with all the comforts of home. A family sized eating area allows for end of the day gatherings or morning coffee. Hig...
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Take a Walk w/Gettysburg Gerry-Gen.G.G. Meade  HQ During 3 days in July in the summer of 1863 Gen. George Meade choose the little farmhouse of Lydia Leister to call home. Little did he know it would within those walls that the future of our country would be determined. The Leister farmhouse is a small two room home on the Tanyetown Rd just south of Gettysburg Pa. The choice was a contrast to the HQ's of Gen R.E. Lee on the Chambersburg Rd, west of Gettysburg Pa.    The small home was positioned just inside the curve of the famous fishook formation that the Union Army Of the Potomac chose. The home was abandoned by Lydia and her 6 children shortly before the battle. It is best remembered for it's famous council of war meeting held by Meade and his Generals on the evening of July 2nd. The...
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