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Round Them Up With A Quarter Run away shopping carts are the norm in many supermarket parking lots. They can take up parking spaces and can cause damage to parked cars.  Rounding up these run away carts is usually a job for an employee of the supermarket.  So here comes a new supermarket chain into Delaware County, Aldi, and they have an alternative way to round up carts, make customers use a quarter to use a cart. A very simple idea but it works!  You put a quarter in the devise attached to the hand rail and voila! you have a free moving cart to do your shopping.  When you exit the store you simply push a devise into another cart and you get your quarter back! I first experienced this idea when I lived in Canada many years ago.  The local supermarket had this money exchange in place an...
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By David Henke, Realtor, Homes Just West of Philadelphia PA
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Welcome to the North St Station on the SEPTA 102 Trolley Line in Collingdale PA. The North Street Station on the SEPTA 102 Trolley Line is the first stop in Collingdale as the Trolley runs from the 69th Street Terminal to Sharon Hill.  This is a small local stop located at the intersection of Woodlawn Ave and North St.  It is also the end of the dual line tracks with only a single track continuing the line into Sharon Hill. The station itself has a small shed on the northbound side for waiting passengers.  It does not have any dedicated parking but is a great stop for local commuters and is within easy walking distance of much of the local community.  The area is largely residential with limited commercial activity across from the station on Woodlawn and some stores one block further ea...
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By David Henke, Realtor, Homes Just West of Philadelphia PA
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Welcome to Collingdale Borough PA for a brief real estate & homes market update (with some history included). Collingdale is a mid-size borough located in the southeast corner of Delaware County.  Historically, as in much of the county, this area was primarily agricultural until developers bought up tracts of land to take advantage of development afforded by the growth of the local rail lines in the 1800s.  As land was acquired and development grew, Collingdale Borough was divided from Darby Borough and received its own charter on December 23, 1891.  After incorporation, Collingdale continued to expand its borders through various ordinances to grow to its present size in 1922. Today, almost half its area is occupied by four cemetaries with much of the remaining property being primarily ...
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