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By Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life
(Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina)
In case you don't recognize the relatively blooming bald (yet still somewhat subtle) patch on that young gent standing in front of the sign, it's me.  The place where I spent twenty-two years of my existence here on Planet Earth is a place called Clarion, Pennsylvania.  One of my best memories is that of a business that is still thriving and somewhat of a legend in many circles.  "Eddie's Dogs" is what we call it.  Bar-none, the best hot-dogs on earth, and I've attended a Harlem Globetrotter game in my life. Eddie is the owner and should be proud.  In college, we probably gave him more crap than your local plumber can handle.  But damn if he doesn't make the most fantastic hot-dogs around.  And he has a pretty good sense of humor for a guy who looks like the Crypt Keeper never heard of...
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