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Hawkeye and that was how I got this picture! This hawk was sitting way up high off the freeway coming back from Hillsboro Oregon about 90 minutes from Fishhawk Lake, just hanging out and I pulled over right off an entrance, and grabbed my 35-250mm zoom lens. He was incredibly far away, but I tried.  I was SO EXCITED to find out how clearly this came out! Isn't he majestic and powerful?? Look at that fierce "hawk eye"! This handsome fella is a Red-Tailed Hawk and I see them while I'm zooming by on the freeway heading to Hillsboro Oregon, but never have my camera or the time to pull over and get a shot. They don't usually sit long enough for me to get a decent photo.     
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By Carol West, Real Estate Agent, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Portland
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I’ve never been an enthusiastic proponent of laminate products. But, they do have a place in the market where hardwood and carpet is not is a realistic choice.    Last month I had the pleasure of working with clients who budgeted to make appropriate and reasonable changes in a home to be sold. As it turned out, I volunteered to be involved in the updating process and was very excited to do so.    My clients already had a competent contractor and we examined the home and determined, a wall-to-wall carpet in the living room needed to be removed and the kitchen, powder room and utility room flooring were all different on the main. I suggested that the entire main floor be covered with a laminate instead of multi surfaces and went into a research mode to find something light colored that d...
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