Baarhaven (Ottawa, ON)
By Valerie Zinger, Home Organizer
(House Proud Ottawa-Ontario-Canada)
THE SMELL OF PAINT AND VERATHANE Buyers and I were visiting a number of homes one afternoon last spring.  One home was empty and we were able to get in with very little advanced notice.  Well!!!  After the owner moved out, he or she painted the walls and refinished the floors.  This could have been a good thing but....  We were unable to stay in the home for more than 5 minutes because the fumes were overpowering.  First the smell was really strong and then our eyes starting watering.  We left lickety split.  I called the listing agent to let him know the condition of the house and suggest he ask the owners to leave a window open.  He said that he thought all of the fumes would have dissipated by the time of the visit.  Not so bucko.   I have no idea how long ago the paint and varathan...
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By Kristy Morrison
(Capital Home Staging & Design)
                           BEFORE                                                            AFTER Well some of you may know of my puple house transformation! Here finally is the second guest bedroom. Essentially this space is rarely used and since I did not want to redecorate again when we decide to move I’ve decided to “Stage to Live”. I took all of my staging principles and applied them to this room so when it comes time to sell I’m A-OK! I’m sure with time my own storage items will creep its way into this space so it’s a good thing I’m a professional stager! The room was decorated by the previous home owners (now you can really see why this house was on the market for 6 months!!) The wall paper, older décor & really scary dolls everywhere (probably only an issue to myself because of...
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