Guelph (Guelph, ON)
By Heather Cook, Delivering beautifully staged spaces
(Beyond the Stage Homes)
We got referred to clients in Guelph who had had their house on the market since June however it hadn't had any action. A lot of the feedback was negative because the rooms seemed really small and buyers couldn't imagine their furniture fitting into the space. The home owners had done a lot of work updating the space with neutral paint color, new flooring and updated fixtures in the bathroom. We came in and added furniture and purpose to each room, even a small room which previously seemed like wasted space and we staged as a small home office! We staged the Master Bedroom upstairs in the loft area and it turned out beautifully. Previously buyers didn't think they could actually use it as a bedroom. Lovely Bathroom with some simple touches - a framed print to complement the mirror and l...
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