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In 1833, the first colonists settled in to what is now modern-day Fergus. Beginning as a Scottish village, today the town has a dominant Scottish presence. Located on the Grand River, only 20 minutes north of Guelph, Fergus is a small, suburban area inundated with beautiful old trees that brings about a natural setting as they adorn the streets on either side, stunning stone buildings, explicit schools and an abundance of green openings. We give you five tips on why you should invest in real estate in Fergus, Ontario .1. Real Estate in Fergus Fergus real estate is an economical investment in that you are given many comparisons in real estate which you would like to purchase and which would meet your budget. The homes you can choose from are many and no doubt Fergus has a home that would...
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A few weeks ago, a local builder contacted Rooms in Bloom about the possibility of staging his vacant model home that he was trying to sell. The home had lots of appeal however buyers just weren't 'getting it' for some reason and after having it sit on the market, unsold, he started looking for help. In our area, vacant properties are an especially tough sell. Most vacant homes linger on the market for months and months without selling. There are some properties which are still for sale which we know were listed back in September of last year and still linger, unsold and unloved. As per RESA's 2009 stats, staging a vacant home means that on average, it will sell 78% faster. For us in Southern Ontario, this translates to selling in 34 days versus 180 days or more. After meeting with the ...
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