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Think you have problems?   Look at this steer and think you have problems? Animals have problems too.     While traveling through Wynona Oklahoma, my husband and I stopped at a little restaurant in an out-of-the-way town.  We struck up a conversation with the manager while one of the “Locals” listened.  As he finished his meal, he said he had something to show us, but would wait until we finished our meals.  Thinking he had something in his truck, we finished, and went outside.    He said he was going to show us a steer with big horns.  My husband said “You mean a Long-Horn?”  “No” he said, “This one is a cross breed from an African cow.”    Three blocks away from the diner was the most amazing animal I had ever seen.      When we first saw it, its head was down grazing with one horn in...
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Settle Inn or Settle Down? You can do both at the Settle Inn RV Park in Pawhuska Oklahoma! Open house June 15, 2010! My parents, Don and Patti Wells, built an RV park in 2002 nested in the beautiful rolling hills of Osage county and they named it Settle Inn RV Park - it's on the edge of their property in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It has progressed over this short time into a pretty upscale park with many amenities. Although it's a newer park with 19 full-service sites (water, 30/50 amp electric, sewer), Don keeps adding and enhancing - there may be more than 19 sites now. There is also a band stand, storm shelter, laundry, shower, restrooms, picnic tables and a playground for the kids. Recently, Don and Rick Geisler's crew built a cabin available for rent and it was christened "The Settle Dow...
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