Blue Quail Ridge (Edmond, OK)
By Eric Richardson
(Account Exectutive, Mercury Network - a la mode)
I am amazed at how many of my clients ask why they need a home inspection when it comes to them buying a home.  Most of them ask not because of ignorance but because they look at it as a cost saving measure (inspections in Oklahoma typically run between $225 - $300)  I can not stress enough that this is not the place that you want to shave your budget.Although a home may look in perfect working order when we walk through it there are many, many items that we might not see that could become a potential hazard after you already own the home.  A licensed home inspector is trained to test and examine everything in your home from the plumbing all the way to the roof.  At the end of their inspection (typically 2 hours) they will hand you and your REALTOR a copy of their findings.  Now, if you...
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