Oakwood (Dayton, OH)
By Jack Gilleland
(Home Inspection and Investor Services, Clayton)
I've had my share of interesting homes lately.  They just seem to get better as time goes on.  I had one yesterday that seemed to a typical special home.  The house was 91 years old and of structural brick.  That in itself makes it different considering when it was constructed.  As I walked around the building I did notice more and more that peaked my interest.  Its no secret that I love old homes and I am fascinated with the history of building in the US, but this one really got to me.  It is within yards of a neighborhood in the Dayton area that it is know for its large sprawling mansions. This area was home to many famous inventers of the early 1900's. Maybe not Menlo Park famous but famous still.  I'll blog about that at another time. Does it look like a 91 year old started home.  ...
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