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By Zane Coffin, (Geneva Ohio Real Estate Agent)
(Century-21 Homestar)
After the long hard winter months what more could one ask for then a beautiful spring day. The sweet smell of the flowers blooming , the sounds of kids playing outside , the sun shining down on your face, neighbors out cleaning up their yards ...All the joys of spring...You could not ask for more... OR COULD YOU....? Well if your a Car Guy....(and live in the Northern States) You look forward to the road salt washing away with spring rains, the dust coming off your car cover, the first smell of your hot rod starting up and the ever present smell of fresh rubber grinding the asphalt as you go through the gears of your beloved hot rod...yes spring a great time of year... What else do you the Car guy I mean (person) like to do in the spring? Well if your like me you love going to the swap ...
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