Southwedge (Rochester, NY)
By Mike Liess
(Coldwell Banker Custom Realty)
Erie Harbor design upsets some in the South Wedge Article from the democrate and chronicle Sept. 8 2010 JIM STINSON • STAFF WRITER D&C • SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 "One of Rochester's most significant residential developments is drawing criticism before construction, partially for its color scheme and modern design that have upset some South Wedge residents. Erie Harbor is a 131-unit development planned for a site along the Genesee River, just south of downtown, where River Park Commons once stood. River Park Commons, a public housing monolith, was long a sore spot in the South Wedge. Constructed in the early 1970s, it was razed last year while the new owner, Conifer Realty LLC, worked on renovating the adjacent public-housing tower, now named the Hamilton. Grumbling began about that time, when...
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By Mary Shelsby
(ReMax Realty Group)
I worked! Several meetings, showed a piece of property for the third time and just kind of scrambled to try to accomplish a few things before I turned over another page on the calendar.My neighbors, however, were much smarter than me. Heck, with 366 days on the calendar this year they used the extra day to have some fun. We woke up this morning to find a huge igloo across the street. If you are in the vicinity of Highland Ave between Mt Hope be sure to check it out!   
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