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What is the Tax Credit? Has the Tax Credit Really Made A Difference in Poughkeepsie, NY? I can tell you that I have a buyer here in Poughkeepsie who would not be in contract if it weren't for the tax credit.  It's not that they wouldn't afford the house without the credit, thus propagating the problem of owning a home you can't afford.  It is an incentive.  It motivated them to move forward in purchasing a home.   I do see the credit as a plan to stimulate the economy and since I am in the trenches, I see the benefits. What are the two tax credits for Nov. 7 to April 30th? In short, according to NAR's website, these tax credits apply to Primary Residences and the amount of the credit is determined by income and cost of house. 1.  The First-Time Home Buyer's may qualify for the Tax Credi...
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