Statue Of Liberty (New York, NY)
                  Hello everyone and for anyone that's still awake at this time, I would like to wish everyone a "Good Night/ Good Morning" from New York City. If you have ever to New York City and have had the chance to go to the Statue of Liberty you will notice that she looks over all the buildings in NYC. Liberty does her best to help protect and express many Nations that come to America to visit or live. Let's please try to realize that that Liberty is a statue that was man made to represent Liberty in America, and it's the people of this country that represent her strength ...   "Good Night or Good Morning" depending on were you live in the World ... ;o)   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz  9-12-2011 Photographs of the "World Trade Towers" by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz ... (Before 9/ 11)
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