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By Peter Nikic
(Broad & Bailey Realty LLC)
In 1994, I bought my first building in the Bronx, a 21 unit 5 story walk-up. I really didn't know what to expect, I had never owned a building before. I remember one night speaking with my wife just before we bought the building. She had said to me "you can teach me how to manage the building, and I'll manage it." I turned and said to her "that's a really good idea, but who's going to teach me?" As it turned out, I tought myself. Continued to manage the building for several years. The building was mismanaged and needed a lot of attention besides the normal management of a properly managed building. In addition, dealing with city agencies, rent stabilization laws and tenant non-payment/collections seemed to be an ongoing problem. It literally seemed that the entire process was geared tow...
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