Stuyvesant Square (Manhattan, NY)
By Robert DeFalco, Robert DeFalco Realty
(Robert DeFalco Realty)
Spotlight on Stuyvesant Square! Stuyvesant Square is a cozy, community-minded neighborhood, roughly bounded by 14th and 18th Streets and First and Third Avenues, in New York City. Though sharing a similar name as the sprawling Stuyvesant complex, Stuyvesant Square is its own unique space, beloved by its residents who prize the quiet, access to their park and a friendly neighborly vibe.Stuyvesant Square Park requires no key, and its upkeep is maintained by residents, who enjoy its looping paths, elegant iron fences and dense plantings of flowers.  Sit on wooden benches, enjoy the trickling water of the fountains and chat with neighbors. Folks in Stuyvesant Square take great pleasure in the “small town vibe” of their community.Historical buildings dot the landscape - the Stuyvesant Square...
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