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By Brock Zevan, Visionary, Real Estate Broker and Coach, Dad
(BZ Three Enterprises)
My Uncle Dennis, Denny (my cousin) and I last Sunday August 16 went Golfing at Endwell Greens in Endwell, NY. I am one never to complain, but I felt that I needed to express my disappointed I had at this course.  It is now been close to a week and at first I thought to myself that I was not even going to write a negative review, but it still eats at me on what happened. Saturday I called Endwell Greens the night before for tee times.  I spoke with a very nice Lady two times on the phone too make sure the price she quoted me over the phone for a Sunday tee time was right at $30.00.  When we arrived at the clubhouse that morning after scheduling the tee times the night before I found out it was $45.00.  I explained to the Ranger in the clubhouse what had happened and very unprofessionally...
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By Michael Greenslade
(Better Homes & Gardens | Mason-McDuffie Real Estate)
Not everyone knows that WR Yelland designed churches and funeral parlours too.Clarksburg Community Church. Located just South of Sacramento California in the Delta town of Clarksburg California, this church is at the heart of the community.  This design is classic Yelland through and through. One of his most distinguishing design features is a brick and stucco checkerboard at the gable ends of some of the gables.  This church also has classic yelland bricked arches and a great clinker brick cat slide roof.  Part of the roof is a double conjoined gable.Chico Trinity Church.  Located in the Butte County college town of Chico, this is one of the largest churches designed by Yelland.  It appears to be a prototype for some churches here in the East Bay which follow the same design pattern as...
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