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By Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
(Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island)
Curved Architecture in Feng Shui by Long Island Feng Shui Every aspect of Feng Shui can be facilitated into all that you do, including Architecture.  A main principle is to have curved or rounded edges just as you see with the Viana Hotel and Spa Having a curved front entrance was inspired by the concepts of Feng Shui.  This slight adjustment to the original design helped to create a greater flow of energy around the hotels surroundings.  While at the same time, offsetting the fast moving energy that flows tward the entrance to the hotel.  Those who stay in the Balcony Suites located at the front of the hotel are no longer effected by the constant movement from outside.  This means a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep for Viana's guests. This home in East Willston had a curved design to th...
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