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By Kat Palmiotti, Helping your Montana dreams take root
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We headed to our sailboat yesterday, which is moored at Chelsea Yacht Club on the Hudson River in NY.  My husband has a 33 foot sailboat that has been in various stages of renovations during the last few years.  A leak in the cabin top necessitated the entire gutting of the cabin ceiling, and after that was finished, well, it only made sense to fix the trim, paint the interior, etc.  The job is just about finished, and our goal yesterday was simply to finish the painting, and check on a few things.  So we got to the club, and motored out to the boat (we're on our way per the picture on the left). As we got close to the boat (the right hand boat in the picture on the right), we saw there was once again a clump of seaweed and other plant life attached to the mooring ball and boat.  So we ...
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