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Here are the photos from the April 28th gathering at the Empire Grill in Buffalo NY... The count down is upon us for the Buffalo Homecoming Celebration. If you are interested in voluteering for this great event, please leave a comment below and we will be in touch with you. Buffalo Homecoming is June 26-29 and is everything about Buffalo NY and showcases the best, the brightest and most innovative things happening in Western New York. Visit their website at
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By Carl DeFranco, Buffalo Niagara Falls Real Estate
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Why people use Hard Money?There is a general misconception that hard money is an opportunity of last resort for people who have, or want to have, an interest in real estate. After all, the rates are higher, terms shorter. That is a truth-but not the whole truth.Savvy investors use hard money to their great advantage.Except for the people who can walk into their bank with a deed in their hand, and walk out with a check, bank financing is highly unlikely. There are, however big lenders that advertise how quick, easy and cheap it is to borrow from them. It isn't until you have answered every question (my favorite is "what was your mothers maiden name"), jumped through every hoop (they start out slow-by the time you are done you've submitted 50 pages of forms) and either paid thousands of $...
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