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By Laura Giannotta, Your Realtor Down the Shore!
(Keller Williams Realty - Atlantic Shore )
A Front Row Seat to an Unbelievable Migration! It's not birds doing the migrating, or even snowbirds (New Jerseyans who head south for the winter), it's an insect...It's the Monarch Butterfly, and they're on the move!   They're gathering by the thousands and building up roost sites now at Cape May Point.  The Monarchs are just waiting for favorable winds to carry them across the Delaware River for their long migration south, and winter in the warmer climes of Mexico. Scientists too have gathered at the Cape May Point State Park to tag Monarchs to study their migration.  Biologists know where they go, but they're still studying the migration route. It seems they gather in New Jersey, wait for just the right wind to cross the Delaware River, then the Monarchs travel down the coast and cro...
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By Samuel Kahuila, Burlington County, NJ
(Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach Realtors)
  Cape May Point, NJ - Sunset Beach   I recently drove down to Cape May Point, NJ – Sunset Beach. It is located on the southern tip of NJ with the Delaware to the right and the Atlantic Ocean to the Left.  The beach is dotted with “Cape May Diamonds” or quartz crystal. These crystals break off of quartz veins along the northern areas of the Delaware River. After thousands of years and 200 mile they settle on the beach of Cape May Point, NJ – Sunset Beach. When polished, these stones are beautiful and can be used to make jewelry.   Just off the Shore, you’ll see what is left of the World War I experimental concrete ship “Atlantus”. She was launch in 1919 and served a year as a coal transport. At the time there were 12 concrete ships built but at the end of the war, steel was readily avai...
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By Curt Hess, Luxury Home Consultant, Team Leader & CEO
(ExecuHome Realty)
This blog entry isn't about real estate specifically, but about the fact that the longer you live, the more frequently you recognize how life keeps circling back. Then again, maybe this *IS* about real estate because life centers on where we live (or have lived), yes? A headline in the Philly Inquirer today caught my attention: "Destroyer Radford to become reef of Cape May Point" --Wow--I grew up in Cape May and I served for a short stint on Radford when it was the newest ship in the US Navy - commissioned in 1977. The Radford had a very successful 26 years of service and is about to become "the home of marine life, including bluefin tuna and mako sharks, a playground for humans and marine life. ...It is expected to become a premier attraction for divers and a magnet for recreational fi...
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By Robin Lundholm
Cape May Point was founded in the 1800's and is located below South Cape May.  You would never know that South Cape May existed since it is now underwater.  That is another story.  Presently, I think you would consider it south of The Cove. If you are interested in coming to Cape May Point, there is a fabulous museum and Lighthouse that gives the rich and detailed history of the Point.  You are able to walk up the Lighthouse to the top.  It is breathtaking once you get there.    This is the view from the beach of the Lighthouse.     A photo of the museum.... The musuem has examples of the types of things you would find on the beach.  There are razor clams, mermaid purses, and seahorses, to name a few.  They also go into detail about the migration of the Monarch butterfly. If you are on ...
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By Tom Giansante
(The Title Company of Jersey)
One of my favorite pastimes in the Cape May area as a child was to go to Sunset Beach at "The Sunken Ship" and collect Cape May Diamonds.Although some things have changed, the Cape May Diamonds are still available in abundance right on the shoreline.   They are small quartz crystals which seem to wash up on one part of the beach in Lower Township near Cape May Point.  This area is located near the mouth of the Delaware Bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.                                                                                          These diamonds are usually cloudy or slightly transparent when found on the beach.  However, they can become crystal clear after a few weeks in a gem tumbler.  They still have no real value, at least in monetary terms.  You can see many people co...
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By Tom Giansante
(The Title Company of Jersey)
Cape May Point is appropriately named, as it is located at the bottom point of New Jersey where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay. Cape May Point is a quaint community. It's extremely clean and quiet.  It has been able to totally excape commercialism.  Very refreshing and sought after in this day and age.   If you like quiet days at the beach with friends and family and walking to wherever you need to go, then this is your town. Famous Lake Lilly is located at the epicenter of town, where migratory birds stop by for some nourishment on their journey.  It's really a great sight. There's the historic Cape May Lighthouse which is the centerpiece of the Cape May Point State Park.  Visitor Center, Hiking Trails, the old WWII Bunker....this area is truly a gem.  A must see for anyone ...
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