Mouse River Valley (Minot, ND)
By Bob "RealMan" Timm, Owner of Ward Co Notary Services retired RE Broker
(Ward County Notary Services)
If you thought I was talking about sobriety guess again.Tonight the family went out to diner to celebrate 5 years of being back in our home after it was devastated by the flood of 2011.Flood waters ran through our home and a couple thousand others for a full month before the water subsided and revealed the damage the flood had done.While it only took 9 months for our home to be reconstructed it took a couple of years to repair the lawn and our out buildings.Although I was living every man's dream for 9 months, that is living in my mother-in-laws basement, it was good to get back into our own home again.Many Minot residents are reliving the nightmare these days as they have fixed up their homes like we did only to be told this year that the City is buying them out and they have to move. ...
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