River Run Plantation (Southport, NC)
By Vicki Burton, A local Buyer's Agent - Southport NC Real Estate
(Southport Realty-Southport, North Carolina)
I would really love to live in River Run. I have an ingrained sensitivity to harsh development practices. It pains me to see irreplaceable trees cut down unnecessarily. It hurts me when newcomers and visitors to the area think the Official tree of Brunswick County is the Palm tree, which has been introduced here ad nauseam since the early eighties. That's why every time I pull through the gate at River Run, I take a deep breath and give thanks that a community like this still exists. When a client contacted me wanting to list his waterfront lot in River Run with me, I couldn't say no. Although I work primarily as a Buyer's Agent, everyone knows I have a soft spot for River Run and it's on the water in a great location to boot. Needless to say, I didn't hesitate. Real Estate prices in Br...
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