Farviews (Missoula, MT)
By Brint Wahlberg, The Wahlberg Team
(Windermere Real Estate)
When standing in the Missoula valley these two areas make up most all of the hillside homes you'll see on the south end of the valley that have been built up mostly before the mid-1980's.  A little more south and west you'll find the newer neighborhoods in Linda Vista and Maloney Ranch, I'll report them in a separate post.  Generally it seems that Missoula started expanding first in the Farviews area in the 50's and 60's and then moved across to the South Hills area in the 70's and 80's.  The styles of homes follow suit.  Farviews boasts a lot of homes with flat roofs, giant 2-level fireplaces, smaller kitchens, and many homes with wet-bars in the basement.  Moving over to the South Hills we get a lot of basic split-level homes and 1-level ranchers.   In 2010 we saw 127 total residentia...
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