Helena Upper West (Helena, MT)
By Andy Onushco
(Keller Williams)
People often ask; "How's the Market in Helena?"  I try to regularly pull statistics so that I'm not just relying on anecdotal evidence.  The trends year over year for Helena Real Estate are as follows... For Helena In-town properties, including Helena's Mansion District, Last Chance Gulch, the Walking Mall, Upper East, Upper West, Lower east, Lower west, SoBro, Carroll College neighborhood and the northeast and northcentral neighborhoods, sales year over year are as follows  (December sales data is extrapolated based on 80% of an average month)   Here's data compiled by the Helena Association of Realtors, of which I'm a member.   Sales volume is up a whopping 25% !   2011 in-town Helena sales were 261 units sold. 2012 is on track for 327 Units sold!   Average days on market for Sold Pro...
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