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By David Kosmecki
(American Pacific Mortgage)
Sometimes, you need to look deeper than the headlines to get the news that matters. This basic truth's latest example comes from the July Housing Starts data, as published by the U.S. Census Bureau. According to the newspapers, Housing Starts improved last month: US Housing Starts Make Modest Rebound (FT) Housing Starts Rise Slightly (MoneyWatch) Housing Starts Tick Higher In July (MarketWatch) However, these stories are speaking in terms of all housing starts - not just the single-family ones. This is a major point of difference for home buyers in Maple Grove because the most people don't buy the multi-unit homes and apartment buildings that's also a part of the Housing Starts data.  The overwhelming majority of buyers buy single-family homes and in July, as in the previous 3 months, t...
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By Patti Ann Kasper, Blaine & North Metro Minneapolis St Paul Real Esta
City of Maple Plain, Wright Co. - MN20072006Δ Change# Homes Sold13 21-38.10%Average Price$254,469$243,852+4.35%Median Price$234,900 $236,500 -0.68%Total Volume$3,308,100 $5,120,900 -35.40%Based on information from the REGIONAL MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE OF MINNESOTA, INC.For the period of January 1, 2006 thru December 31, 2007It is a great time to buy a home and there are great deals in all price ranges available.For more information about my services, guarantees or how I can help you find your next home,sell your home, buy a business or investment property - Just call me today at 763-548-1418!To view my interactive on-line real estate magazine with listings, click the button below:   Click the button below to send this information to your friends or family!Associates of Science Degree in...
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