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By Debbie Jean (DJ) Artrip
(Debbie Jean (DJ) Artrip, Cardinal Real Estate, Northern Mich)
We all need to remember to treat ourselves, daily. Here's just a couple ideas.  What are yours? Take a few minutes each day to sit quietly and just reflect Buy a bouquet of flowers Read a good book Turn off the TV Ask your "significant other" to rub your feet with lotion...you reciprocate Allow yourself "not" to answer the phone every time it rings. The message machine really does work. Get outside for a few minutes just to breath the fresh air Go to a museum Always buy a box of Girl Scout cookies, even though you know they are over priced. Smile at strangers, it's amazing how your smile is infectious. Bake a loaf of bread, frozen dough loafs count, and eat a slice with real butter. My wish to you is to enjoy the day, find peace in your soul and rejoice in being alive.
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