Downtown Lake Orion (Lake Orion, MI)
By Donald Horne, Team Success Listing LLC
The City of Lake Orion, Oakland County, Michigan 48360Real estate trends, Market reports, Statistics11/09/2010 The township of Orion was approved by the Michigan Territory in 1835, the same year it applied for statehood. Jesse Decker became the first Supervisor of Orion, with a salary of $2.00 per year. Another settlement nearby, New Canadaigua, was absorbed by Orion. This land later helped Orion to establish its first public school in 1859. Price Trends: the median single family home price as of 11/07/2010 for Lake Orion is $166,123 - down 6% from 09/17/2010 Market Conditions: with a market action index of 16.29, Lake Orion is currently a buyer's market Sales And Demand Trends: the average property as of 11/07/2010 has been on the market for about 185 days - up 3% from 09/17/2010 Price...
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