Munjoy Hill (Portland, ME)
By George Kando, New England Realty Group, Southern Maine's Real Estate Team of Choice
( New England Realty Group)
  Munjoy Hill: Portland Maines' East End Gem After decades of decline, Munjoy Hill has become the city's most desirable neighborhood – with housing prices to match. The market is Hot and available properties are even Hotter. Here's the numbers: In the last 90 days... 29 Residential Properties Sold 12 are Pending there are only15 Current Properties Available 3 are Multi Unit 6 are Condominiums 4 are Single Family Homes What does this all mean...The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood has never been hotter. Gentrification was slow and steady to take hold but this popular area of Portland has picked up where the superheated market of 2006 & 2007 left off without as much as a hiccup. Older properties in disrepair are being snatched up at premium prices and renovated to their fullest potential. This o...
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