Hallfield Manor (Nottingham, MD)
By Ron Trzcinski, 410-935-5844
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I Sold It Twice It was a modest semi-detached home with three bedrooms, one full and one half bath, and a finished basement. In the first go round, I picked up the listing from a For Sale By Owner.  Overall, it was not a bad house and it did have some updates.  For the most part it showed very well.  However, the owner fancied himself as a handyman, when he was actually unhandy.  He put in a new kitchen, which at first glance looked nice, but upon closer examination, it showed that it had been done without measuring.  Nonetheless, it did not take much to bring it into decent condition.  It took us about 4 weeks to get an acceptable buyer.  The inspection did not uncover many problems, but the negative conditions which were found would be taken care of by the owner, you know, the unhandy...
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