Rosewick Road (La Plata, MD)
By Jonathan Benya, The Benya Group
(The Benya Group)
     When Charles County started the Rosewick Road project, the budget for Phase 2 was supposed to total $5.7 million dollars.  Add an extra $432,000 to that, and don't forget that the project was due for completion in April of LAST YEAR.  They are estimating that April of 2009 will be the targeted completion date with the unanticipated cost overruns.     The County is pouring TONS of cash into this project, essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul ($282K came from the upcoming Phase 3 Budget, and 150K came from the Western Parkway Upgrade budget, Sorry Guys!)  Don't forget that Capital Services is anticipating further cash injections in order to get the work done, while the Commissioners are "hoping" that Phase 3 comes in under budget.     In all honesty, if Phase 2 has been such a financ...
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