By Kirk Steffes, Realtor - Buyers Sellers - BRAC - Short Sales New Homes
(Garceu Realty)
I was updating one of my listening in Aberdeen Maryland, Also known as BRAC central.  I have a listing that originally contracted for about $370, 000, I had it listed for $367,000 the builder has just dropped it to $329,990.00, that is the base price of the home without any upgrades and this home is loaded.  Zillow said the price should be $341,000 so it's still $12,000 under market!!! The discounts are still out there and BRAC is coming, USA today had a headline last week that the house market had reached the bottom, well if that is true then now it really the time to buy. I have been talking to the new home sales reps in the area and they are selling home very quickly, so they think the market has turned, but with the HUGH discount...
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