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By Jim Mushinsky
(Centsable Inspection)
A Holyoke MA home buyer should receive a brochure, Home Inspectors Consumer Fact Sheet, at the time of the signing of the first written contract to purchase. A standard home inspection in Massachusetts is a visual examination of the physical structure and major interior systems of a residential building consisting of one to four dwelling units. It should be understood that there are certain risks inherent in the purchase of property and a home inspection is inherently limited in its scope and depth. The information gained from home inspection conforming to the Massachusetts Home Inspector Standards of Practice may reduce some of those risks, but the home inspection is not intended to provide the client with protection from all of the risks involved. Visit the Holyoke MA Home Inspectors ...
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By Lesley Lambert, Real Estate Agent - Realtor - Westfield, MA - 413-
(Park Square Realty serving Western MA)
Today I had my first experience at the fish elevator at the Holyoke Dam in Holyoke, MA. I have lived in Western MA my whole life and somehow missed out on this curiosity until today.  At the Hadley Falls in Holyoke Ma the annual migration of anadromous fish is no small affair. A visit to the  website explains the technical aspects. I stood watching the fish through the observation windows with my daughters and I listened to my guide and date explain to us that these fish are swimming up the river to mate and then die.   This brutal trip takes them up the rocky Connecticut River where they cease to eat.  Eventually they make it to Holyoke, where the dam constructed in 1849 prevented them from migrating.  The once plentiful shad and salmon of the river valley were extinct to this region u...
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By Lesley Lambert, Real Estate Agent - Realtor - Westfield, MA - 413-
(Park Square Realty serving Western MA)
The first thing I learned at Podcamp was the #1 google search is for sex and the second is for Facebook.  Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about my first PodCamp Experience. Being a PodCamp Virgin, I had no expectations, in fact, no real understanding of what I had signed up for.  I knew that a great friend @HeyAmaretto (on twitter) was going and I really wanted to meet her IRL and I knew that other local twitterers were excited about this event...so I decided to go. From the moment I arrived at PodCamp WesternMA I was greeted by name, everyone recognized me from my twitter pics and everyone was warm, smiling and hugging me as I entered...My kind of People!  @HeyAmaretto, aka Diane was taller than I was expecting (but when you are 5'1" everyone is tall!), but other than t...
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