Sierra Hills (Wichita, KS)
By Mike Gamache, Video Lead Generation from Fleetfoot Marketing
(Fleetfoot Marketing)
My favorite research report has given me some valuable insight. The NAR and Google study, "The Digital House Hunt" states that 86% of buyers who use online video use it to gather information about a specific community, whereas only 70% of them use video to tour the inside of a home. Here's my response to that! Learn more about Sierra Hills Real Estate and New Homes on our website or watch this Wichita Community Tour in HD on Youtube. Here is the challenge: Video takes a lot of time, money, capital, and experience to produce a quality product. Then it takes a completely different skillset to get it found, generate leads, and make it profitable. Not only does it cost a lot, video can take away valuable time and money from other activities and investments that you already know how to use t...
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