Downtown Wichita (Wichita, KS)
By Mike Gamache, Video Lead Generation from Fleetfoot Marketing
(Fleetfoot Marketing)
The initial focus of my busiess was rentals, which do not require a license in my state. Eventually, we began building the retail side of the business, which is complimented well by the thousands of rental relationships I have been able to build. Something that I noticed recently is that one of my original blog posts about Downtown Wichita Lofts has been generating a note-worthy amount of traffic to my website every day. This page not only generates qualified traffic, but it usually sends me a couple renters a month, which is some of the easiest profit my business generates. The reason I believe this page has performed so well is that its a valuable resource that can be used, regardless of wheter I earn the renter's business or not. The goal isn't only to generate business, but to provi...
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