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By Michael Greenslade
(Better Homes & Gardens | Mason-McDuffie Real Estate)
I would like to share with everybody the West Baden Springs Hotel in West Baden Indiana.  Built in 1902 this hotel was for a while the 8th wonder of the modern world. http://www.frenchlick.com/_images/_design/new_photos/west_baden_3.jpgIt's central atrium which was 200 feet in diameter and was capped by a huge dome 10 stories tall.  The central atrium was called the Pompeii Court.  The dome was the largest un-supported dome in the world until the Houston Astrodome opened in 1962.Six stories of rooms have windows over looking the interior of the Pompeii Court.  The Pompeii Court is ringed with massive faux marble columns holding up the massive dome.  Beneath your feet the Pompeii Court contained a massive mosaic tile floor containing over a million tiles.The Hotel was designed by archite...
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