Ransom Place (Indianapolis, IN)
By Cynthia Sloop
(Community Association Manager)
Ransom Place's boundaries are nestled at the the edge of the IUPUI campus, W. 10th Street on the north, West St. Clair Street on the south, Camp Street on the west, and North West Street on the east.   In 1992, Ransom Place was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  This area did not officially receive it's name until 1991 and was named after Freeman Briley Ransom, an outstanding African-American attorney and businessman who made his Indianapolis home in the neighborhood at 828 North California Street.  (This home still stands to this day and is pictured below.)                     The first lots of this area were platted in 1865 by two printers named, Charles P. and J.M. Meikel.  In 1871, a real estate broker named William Y. Wiley became part of the mix.  (In fact "...
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