Orchard Ridge Subdivision (Elkhart, IN)
By Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust!
(Friends & Neighbors Real Estate)
Orchard Ridge Subdivision began construction in 1997 and has a relatively low number of homes for resale. What does that tell you? The folks who call Orchard Ridge Subdivision home, stay put. Except for the rare job transfer or growing family, the Home Owner's have grown comfortable and don't want to move...  Does living in a Subdivision appeal to you? Have you always wanted to live around like minded folks who care about their homes, their neighborhood and the better good for all who live within it's boundries? I am talking about Orchard Ridge Subdivision and the neighbors and friends who all watch out for each other's property value. What am I talking about? Well, not one home that I have seen in Orchard Ridge Subdivision has been in need of repair or neglected. And this observation h...
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