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By Steve Conklin - Iroquois County IL, Realtor®
Ahhh...it's spring time again.Time for all kinds of outdoor activities.My favorite one has got to be BASEBALL!Taking after my grandfather, and now living close to the ChicagoLand area, I am, and will always be, a die hard Cubs fan! (One of the most forgiving group of people I know of!)                                                   GO CUBBIES! Although I enjoy going to Wrigley Field when I can, and I watch the "Lovable Losers" on television, Major League Baseball isn't the topic for this evening.Instead, I'd like to talk about a sport that is in a class all by itself:T-Ball.I would imagine that the original intention behind the creation of T-Ball, was to teach our little guys and girls the fundamentals of baseball. I'm sure that it continues to be perceived as such, however, I see th...
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