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By Kelly Wuthrich, Eagle & Meridian ID Real Estate
(Silvercreek Realty-Eagle, Meridian, Boise, Kuna, Star~IDAHO)
  It's a beautiful morning here in the amazing central Idaho mountains.  The birds are singing, the creek is rushing, and the sun is shining.  Our sleepy little town below is waking up.   We had a wonderful trip down Edna Creek Road last evening.  A little bumpy in places as the road yearns for it's first grading after the run-off of spring.  On one turn we reached a mountain meadow and two deer and a cow elk stood watching us as they grazed on fresh, green sprigs of grass.  When we reached the Middle Fork Road, we knew we were getting closer to our mountain hide-a-way.  Thoughts of campfires, s'mores, 4-wheeler rides and sipping coffee on the deck enter our minds the closer we get.  Rounding another curve in the road, we came upon a mama deer and her newborn fawn.  The mother raced up...
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