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By Tabitha Zesch, Relocation Director
(Hunziker & Associates, REALTORS)
There has been a lot of confusion surrounding how mobile homes play into the first-time buyer tax credit. For the first several months after the tax credit was announced, I heard conflicting information from a variety of national real estate and tax experts. Several said that a mobile home owner could buy a house and get the credit. They touted the line of reasoning that many of us in the industry first expected would hold the answer; since a mobile home is not real property, the owners would be considered first-time buyers and could claim the credit. However, when I had a personal contact in this exact situation ask me if they would qualify, I wasn't willing to take the word of an unknown author or even a single CPA. I decided to do some checking on my own and get it straight from the ...
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By Michelle Benton
(Hunziker & Associates, Realtors)
I think the current NAR TV commercial with the family sitting on the fence - asking "What are we waiting for?" is the message we should keep sending. I realize ALL REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL, but it would be nice if the national media talked a bit more about how the historially low interest rates, the fact that banks CAN still loan money, and the great selection of homes, make it a perfect time to buy! I'm very thankful to be in Ames, Iowa where our job and real estate market is stable. That's one great thing about living in the midwest!
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