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By Toby Barnett, Toby Barnett
(KW North Sound)
This post is coming to you LIVE from the beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Traveling has been plentiful since the beginning of May for Arizona where came the Grand Canyon post, Meteor Crater post and a Las Vegas shop-talk session with Charles Richey. Now the time is perfect to enjoy some sunshine and scuba diving in the Pacific with family.But traveling so much gives me a unique opportunity compare homes in Oahu to homes in Snohomish County similar to Arizona vs Washington post on the Seattle Real Estate Professionals blog. Some basic things to expect are; climate has to influence building, topography makes it challenging to build and natural resources will determine the amount of growth the region can sustain. The flight enabled me to see quite of few neighborhoods and shed some unique...
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By Randy L. Prothero, Missouri REALTOR, (808) 384-5645
(eXp Realty)
Attached is a part of the WWII event that started the war.  The story below is from my brother about his part in 1969.  Attached below is a letter he sent out to his friends.Hi Folks,                 Back in 1969 I was in the Marine Corps stationed in Kaneohe, Hi. A couple of guys and myself were looking for shells on base at the beach right across the road from the riding stables. Now you should know that Kaneohe was the first base hit when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Kaneohe was at that time a Navy base and was home to a PBY air wing. Well back to the looking for shells I had spotted what I thought was a peculiar looking shell and started digging it up when I notice the shell had teeth. The more I dug the more the shell looked like a skull. I called CID which is like the FBI in ...
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